Friday, November 03, 2006

Russian trucker

Flying J 29 miles west of Nashville. Russian trucker from Pasadena CA hauling clothes to NJ finnaly got a ride out of that place 400 miles out of my way to avoid Memphis; gonna start heading south on I-59. Sun just went down over the tree line lots of traffic while I lay on my back writing this with my bag on side of road with sign. Terrified of getting hit by a car. swiped big bag of trail mix from truck stop (wouldnt take my EBT card) exit 182 Montgomery Bell state park exit. big wood spider just crawled on me telling me its time to get out of this grass. staying out til dark. Went by lorretta Lynns Dude Ranch. 72 degrees low tonight of 60, more nice weather on tap. Still feeling totally excellent (Gunman enters one room Amish school house in PA and kills 5 little girls this date) getting dark fast gonna find a place to camp.

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