Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Oxford Town

November 7, 2006 Oxford, Mississippi
I have to get out of this law library to see the town tommorrow after this rain subsides......camped out near walmart actually 100 yards from the front door on a hill overlooking the whole area. beautiful upscale cosmopolital little town with no transients presumably because the interstae is 20 miles from here. This time year is real pretty with the tree turning and I can see why William Faulkner loved this place so...people are real nice more later

Monday, November 06, 2006

kicked out of digihitch for hitch hiking & Homos story

I didnt get kicked out just had my story deleted. Homos are a major determent to hitch hiking and am surprised to hear it is not politically correct to speak about it or call them homos...To hell with'em I say! I still don't like homos! Still at Ole Miss law Lib. Raining like hell turning in early....lot more to post just havent got around to it....

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Hitchhiking & Homos

          WHEN I WAS ABOUT nineteen I got picked up hitchhiking by a homosexual man at this very exit (I wrote this sitting on the side of the road on the Mississippi Alabama line); I never seemed to wait very long for rides back then when I was young and this guy stopped in a brand new '76-77 Chevy Monte Carlo with aan utomatic on the floor. He was going to Florida and so was I. I remember it was a beautiful summer night about seven pm and being in this beautiful new car with everything shinny and new, it was light green with tinted T-tops and we were cruising a long just fine when one of the worst hitchhiking experiences of my life happened...
           WE HAD JUST crossed the Florida line maybe 50 miles east of here when right out of the blue this middle-aged professional looking guy puts his hand on my leg and says;

“I want to suck your cock!”

          I’M NOT SURE what I was thinking at the time, I’m guessing I wanted out of there in a sudden hurry and I grabbed that damned T-handled shifter on the console and slammed it all the way forward into Park!   The back tires locked up and we started sliding sideways first one way then the other and I’ll never forget the look of utter shock on that dudes face as we was sliding down the interstate sideways doing seventy-five miles an hour when the back tires hit the grass and a small decline we started rolling...
          I MUST HAVE got knocked out because the next thing I remember I was picking my stuff up off the grass that was strung about 50 feet in a straight line that had come out of my now busted backpack when a big State Trooper who appeared out of nowhere said,
 “What the hell happened here?”
         I POINTED DOWN to the now severly disheveled man with his shirt tail hanging out his hair all messed up scratching his head with one hand and his ass with the other walking around his now totally totaled brand new car laying upside down in the middle of the interstate, and said,
“That son of a bitch tried to grab my cock and I slammed the thing in Park!”
         He looked over at the man and I could see anger come over his face and said, “I’ll take care of this!” I finished grabbing my things and bundled them all together and started up the on ramp and he stomped off towards the guy....Now when ever I get picked up by some queer I tell’em that story and the ride usually ends shortly after that....
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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Asian & Lonely by Mark Anthony Given


            DATELINE MONROE, LOUISIANA October 30, 2006 (This story is out of order but I got to get it down while I’m still shit’n my pants!) Two crazy kids picked me up just south of Jackson, Mississippi about 10 am and took me on the ride of my life. The driver a crazy bastard named ASIAN busted right out laughing when I said “You look fuck’n Asian!” After he told me his name. “I’m half Korean and half something else, I forget”...and handed me a fat blunt as soon as I got in the car. The passenger, some squirley little fucker named Lonely I think, I couldn’t see him too good sitting behind him with my bag next to me. “I hear Koreans eat dogs” I said, laughing...Asian, says...”You fuck’n right! I ate my neighbor’s dog after he bit my little sister a few months ago! No shit put some BBQ sauce on that bad boy and called the relatives over for a real chow down!” “Your fuck’n kidding me?” “No I’m not.”

       THESE TWO CRAZY bastards were so messed up they was supposed to drop me off in Jackson when they turned off of I-55 to go west on I-40 but somehow got us lost in downtown Jackson, Mississippi in broad daylight. We were driving around in circles lost when right out of the blue the crazy ASIAN bastard says. “This looks like a great place for a “drive-by-slapping”. What the hell is that I’m thinking, when this little Lonely fucker rolls the window down hangs half out the car while its moving and bitch slaps some business man waiting cross the street in downtown Jackson!  Oh Shit!      FOR NO APPARENT REASON ASIAN stomps on the gas and were flying thru rush hour traffic and just when I thought we were almost back to normal I hear police sirens and see flashing blue lights coming from behind us. This crazy ASIAN bastard stomps on it again and were weaving in and out of traffic and when we come to a red light with cars ahead of already stopped; we were going too fast and he slams on the breaks and I remember going thru a busy intersection sliding sideways going the wrong way on the highway!!         This crazy bastard was driving like Mario Andretti weaving thru traffic, crossing the center lane into oncoming traffic going nearly hundred miles an hour when he slams on the brakes and eases into a Chevron station next to the on ramp of the interstate and pulls around back just as a whole flank of state police, city police, sheriff’s office blow right by us....he never even comes to a stop and eases on to the highway and on to the on ramp heading 40 west like we was supposed to be going, driving like my grandfather does..

        I was too scared to get out of the car and wound up going hundred miles out of my way and they dropped me off at the worst exit ever in START, LOUISIANA with nothing but cops and prisons vans getting on the highway. Took me seven hours to get a ride out there!! The two crazy bastards were supposed to go to this web blog site and stay in touch but I never heard from them!



Friday, November 03, 2006

Oldest Trick in the Book

Same on ramp halfway between nashville and huntsville; two kids in a little white pickup truck withone hanging out the passenger door motioning for me to come on and then drove 100 yards up the on ramp and stopped. Felt like the oldest trick in the book to get me to run up there and then take off on me so I blew them off by not turning around and ignoring them...some old drunk who had walked passed me and was passed out crawled in the back of there truck throwing is shit in there followed by a couple of hot beers and jumped in....

Nashville, Tenn 102 FM the Buzz

Best radio station so far. Two "Flag-flyers" (people who stand out side walmart with signs begging for money) picked me up and drove me a little out of there way to keep me from having to walk thru Nashville, got me good and high and dropped me at a perfect on ramp at 10 am in perfect weather. AC Technician haulin ass gave me a ride 20 miles to another perfect on ramp. Got blown-off the "perfect " on ramp by state trooper doing 70 miles an hour by tapping his horn at me as he went by probaly because im up to far on the on ramp. walked to a truck stop and washed my t-shirt in the sink and took a bird bath. sitting in front of Love's Truck stop by a grave yard drinking coffee. sun be down in a few minutes. having the best trip Ive had in a while. Ive hitch hiked accross country at least 6 times east and west and north and south...whole atmosphere here in the south has changed to defcon 5 completely different vibe from the northwest...everyones hauling ass in a hurry trying to get in front of the guy ahead of them.....listening to Jullian lennpn on NPR said something about the magical friendly fire tour. depressing ass music but graet lyrics.

Jake Brakes Dog Shit & Deisel

Camped right next to the Flying J and had to keep my headphones on to get to sleep. 8 am on the road at the same spot as last nightw/pack and sign on side of the road leaning against a reflector. walked into that truck stop this morning a poured me a giant cup of coffee with 6 guys crawling all over the coffee machine and walked into the bathroom and from there outside. had o dry my tent under the hand dryer in mens room to save an hour waiting for the sun to come up.. Traffic blowing by listening to NPR.

Russian trucker

Flying J 29 miles west of Nashville. Russian trucker from Pasadena CA hauling clothes to NJ finnaly got a ride out of that place 400 miles out of my way to avoid Memphis; gonna start heading south on I-59. Sun just went down over the tree line lots of traffic while I lay on my back writing this with my bag on side of road with sign. Terrified of getting hit by a car. swiped big bag of trail mix from truck stop (wouldnt take my EBT card) exit 182 Montgomery Bell state park exit. big wood spider just crawled on me telling me its time to get out of this grass. staying out til dark. Went by lorretta Lynns Dude Ranch. 72 degrees low tonight of 60, more nice weather on tap. Still feeling totally excellent (Gunman enters one room Amish school house in PA and kills 5 little girls this date) getting dark fast gonna find a place to camp.