Friday, May 18, 2007

May 18, 2007

Two days till'n and planting flowers for some rich doctor's wife on Lake Houser, about ten miles out of town. 120$ in two days I'll take a week off!! She seen me on her twice daily run to Home d4epot with my sign Work Needed No Handouts, takes a little balls but it work's like a charm, Just road my mountain bike up to grizzly Gulch Lime Kilns and made it back in time to get a few hours in on my blogs and email. I;m hopein my daughter in New Orleans will have sence enough to Google my name and find me if she wants; her mother brainwashed her i think....I'm gonna go track her down 'for a son in upstate new york with the exact same name...might here from him too I hope; you know how being a parent is you just do your best and hope for the best..I hope you have a nice weekend the weather should be nice, here in Helena Montana is superb for what I'm doing up here, fish'n, ride'n my bike and camping in the Helena National Forrest as I do and have for the last four years, I go to sleep when it gets dark and I get up when the sun comes up and it just feels right, been doing it so long now I don't want to be inside at night and probably never did. everyone loves camping right? Most people love the idea of it more than the actually doing it...sure saves moneyJust climbed two major mountains this morning on my bike and my legs are still hummin still!!I'm posting this on my web blog seperately, so anyone who cares knows what I'll be doing this weekend. How 'bout you?Anyone else having more fun than me.....I didnt think so!!what the hell am I doing this week end, oh I remember; whatever in the hell I want too...probably ride out to Lake Hauser and make another $50-60 playing in the dirt looking out on the beautiful lake, and if not, really need about a 50 mile tune-up down to Butte over the Great Divide on my mountain/road bike in the blazing sun starrring at mountains and granite (coming north out of Butte), then forrest and streams then fields of alfalfa; which I have personnaly rolled out into after a 16 mile non stop ride and laid in fields with soft winds and beuatiful Montana balzing by 100 feet away looking at you in with a longing in their eyes to be free of plastic and metal and gasoline and responsibilities and soon forget they ever saw me...back to denial and drudgery from where I'm laying!! Ha, Ha! You gottsa love it!So what's happening in your world?

Friday, May 04, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home Back in Helena, Montana camping in the National Forest for the Summer again!!! You gotta love it...