Friday, November 03, 2006

Nashville, Tenn 102 FM the Buzz

Best radio station so far. Two "Flag-flyers" (people who stand out side walmart with signs begging for money) picked me up and drove me a little out of there way to keep me from having to walk thru Nashville, got me good and high and dropped me at a perfect on ramp at 10 am in perfect weather. AC Technician haulin ass gave me a ride 20 miles to another perfect on ramp. Got blown-off the "perfect " on ramp by state trooper doing 70 miles an hour by tapping his horn at me as he went by probaly because im up to far on the on ramp. walked to a truck stop and washed my t-shirt in the sink and took a bird bath. sitting in front of Love's Truck stop by a grave yard drinking coffee. sun be down in a few minutes. having the best trip Ive had in a while. Ive hitch hiked accross country at least 6 times east and west and north and south...whole atmosphere here in the south has changed to defcon 5 completely different vibe from the northwest...everyones hauling ass in a hurry trying to get in front of the guy ahead of them.....listening to Jullian lennpn on NPR said something about the magical friendly fire tour. depressing ass music but graet lyrics.

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