Sunday, August 29, 2010

Got Bounced from the best camp site ever

got run off by the cops on friday night. I seen some lady walking her dog early in the morning after seeing a deer freak out. Spotted her walking away and sure enough she seen me and sent the bulls after me. 4-5 times I have got there business cards from the Helena City Police with a hand written "time to move on" on my tent...
finnaly moved everything including my beauty rest Luxory mattress and slept under the Big Sky full of stars on a thousand dollar mattress (No shit I googled it!).
beautyfull weather, heading to springs after I leave here and fix my disabled buddy breakfast, sweep and mop his house, probably run to the corner store for some "Snoot" he calls it but its nasty snuff like skoal....and straight to the beach by 2pm.