Thursday, October 26, 2006

West Memphis

First Monday in October 10-02-06 Same exit. Camped just before dark 8-9 hours rest and feel great. Beatiful weather listening to NPR on the road @ 7:45 am doing a double shot of Taster Choice..I never have any food with me I'd rather stay hungry and lose weight after spending the summer in front of a computer 8 hours a day and camping in the Helena National Forrest in Montana and sppending my days at the best public law library in the world....
12:30 pm same exit 7 hours just turned down another ride to downtown Memphis..looked like a Dr. with a green smock on. Another big cup of coffe; which reminds me; kinda bad form to get in a big truck haulin ass 600 miles and you need to piss....bad. More trucks than ever. Fedex trucks times 5. Lots of traffick gettin up to 89-90 degrees just jammin on my headphones (classical) Not one state trooper or sheriff. unbebelievable amount of trucks on interstate 40 smack in the middle of the country the skys are pretty powder blue criss-crossed with vapor trails from cross continent commercial airliners. very little four wheeler traffic at this exit. Oh, I am at the Shell Lake exit 25 west of memphis. Misssed one ride early this morning when I didnt see the tractor trailer pulled over for me unti it was to late.

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