Thursday, October 26, 2006

Walmart Siders

Homeless In Heaven
Trying to catch up where I left off (I have about 20 rides to post); Rapid City, SD 9/29/06 8:55am Wound up walking about to 1st exit at Buffalo/Ucross-swiped two cookies and got new water. Two "siders" gave me a ride 2 hours to here. Camped here-perfect weather. One other ride; 60 year old smelled of whiskey drywaller had a $1,500 87 Jeep 115K miles needed someone to drive to Denver for him; blew him off I ain't going to Denver or Colorado and was driving 50 miles to cash a $700 check he got. Dude in front of me at the Albertson's Foods left his check book on the counter in front of me and I called him back to get, everyone in line looked slightly amazed...

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