Thursday, July 24, 2008

Montana Dreaming

Woke up at 5:49 am like every other morning next to the best camp site I've ever had; about 300 yards where I was camping the last three years on and off. You got to get thru to locked gates and hop a barbed wire fence to get to me and yet it is smack in the middle of town...this picture taken outside my tent last night..
Ggot my old buddy dirty Burley Brown a bike with a trailer to stablize it to see if he can ride it...we'll see.
Work on my blogs in the morning at the state law library and hit Spring Meadow State Park (3 miles west) in the afternoon, old guy knocks himself out with seraquil at 6-7 I watch cable tv til 10 or so and head down in the valley to my camp, roll out at 6-7 am and do it again! Got 116 volumes of 340 in the computer...hand collected every winning criminal case in the history of the montana supreme court now putting them inthe computer to put on a pay site. BOLO Where is the Love of My Life Britney Patience Marie Smith at?

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