Monday, March 26, 2007

Montana Bound

Hell, I was waiting to hear from you. Everything same here....told my boss and landlord I was leaving next weekend so its set in stone short of severe weather...Gonna take the local bus as far west up the beach as it goes at Long Beach Miss, where I will continue the last ten miles of a 26 mile hike up the beach from Ocean Springs to Bay St Louis white sandy made made beach with what used to be antebellum homes where I now camp on their fron yard at will... the sun is brutal in the day time and you cant sleep right on the beach ceacuse of the sand mites but since the hurricane the water is pristine clean the only down side is that the water is so shallow you have to walk ut a half mile to get waist deep.. As pretty in the daylight as the night....espeially when the weather is nice which is most of the time...very little open so I have to pack my own water...There is a big Hydropland SMOKING THE SOUND happening there this weekend sponsored by the Biloxi Hard Rock Cafe about five miles from here.
That will be a 3-4 day hike then I'm hitting the interstae to I-20 in Jackson MS to Albuquerque and may start heading north there

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